Powerful Constructs for Your Apps

Protocol is a suite of APIs, SDKs, and UI components for your applications.
Instantly add complete user management, a global CDN for images/video/audio/pdfs, transactional notifications, and more.
Zero platform lock-in. Use one service or use them all.
Works seamlessly with
  • NextJS
  • React +React Native
  • shadcn/ui

A Suite of Managed Services


Fully Functional UI Components

Protocol provides drop-in NextJS and React components for your web and mobile apps to handle authentication, uploads, and more.

import { SignUp } from "@protoxyz/components";
export default function Page() {
    return <SignUp />;
Sign Up Example
NextJS LogoReact LogoReact Native Logo

Instantly add authentication, authorization, user profile management, and team profile management components to your web and mobile apps.

  • <SignIn />

  • <SignUp />

  • <UserProfile />

  • <OrganizationProfile />

  • <OrganizationSwitcher />

  • Fully Customizable


Open source components built with React, Tailwind, and shadcn/ui.

Powerful and accessible UI components for your React apps. Built with Tailwind CSS and shadcn/ui.

Easy To Use SDKs

Start using any of the Protocol services in seconds with our easy to use SDKs.

Instantly add UI components to your web and mobile apps.

Start sending transactional emails, text messages, push notifications, and more.

$npm install @protoxyz/core
$npm install @protoxyz/auth
$npm install @protoxyz/media
$npm install @protoxyz/notifications

Built By Developers For Developers

  • Client & Server SDKs

    Consistent SDKs built for Node, React, and NextJS. Beautifully designed components for React and React Native.

  • Usage Based Pricing

    Get all pro features by default. No hidden fees or per-seat pricing.

  • No Platform Lock-In

    Use what you want, and ignore the rest. Our services can be used individually or together.

We built Protocol to solve our own problems, and actively use the tools we build. Use one of our products to solve a specific problem you're having, or use all of them together.

Simple, usage based pricing. No hidden fees

Pricing that scales with you

  • Free

    Build and test with our core set of products with generous limits.

    Free forever, until you hit the limits.
    Get started
    Free access includes:
    • Monthly Active Users: 1000

    • Organizations: 10

    • Uploads: 1000

    • Storage: 2 GB

    • Bandwidth: 2 GB

    • Processing Time: 0.5 HR

    • Notifications: 1000

  • Pro

    For small teams and early-stage startups.

    + usage costs
    Get started
    Pro access includes:
    • Monthly Active Users: 1000

      + $0.02 per additional

    • Organizations: 100

      + $1.00 per additional

    • Uploads: 20000

      + $0.0004 per additional

    • Storage: 10 GB

      + $0.03 per additional GB

    • Bandwidth: 10 GB

      + $0.09 per additional GB

    • Processing Time: 1 HR

      + $1.50 per additional Hour

    • Notifications: 20000

      + $0.0001 per additional

    • Custom Domains

    • Remove Protocol Branding

  • Enterprise

    For ultimate power and customization.

    Custom pricing
    Discounted volume based pricing.
    Contact us
    Enterprise access includes:
    • Unlimited Monthly Active Users

    • Unlimited Organizations

    • Unlimited Uploads

    • Unlimited Storage

    • Unlimited Bandwidth

    • Unlimited Processing Time

    • Unlimited Notifications

    • Custom SLA

    • Custom Support

    • Custom Onboarding

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